How to get into a creative mindset: 6 tricks to give inspiration a helping hand

17. May 2016 in
How to get into a creative mindset

Creative work is great. It’s fun. It’s always new.

But it can also be tedious. There are times when you stare into midair, waiting for inspiration to strike. And while inspiration is busy elsewhere, you secretly wish that you had some forms to fill out. Or invoices to check. You start shuffling things around your desk. You catch yourself checking your phone twice a minute. And – wondrously – this still doesn’t inspire you.

If you’ve ever been there, you know: Creativity cannot just be switched on and off like a lightbulb. However, psychology offers some tricks on how to get into a creative mindset. 


A psychological guide to presentations that don’t suck

9. May 2016 in
psychological guide to presentations

Presentations stir emotions. Unfortunately, boredom, bewilderment and vicarious embarrassment rank very high among these emotions.

Can you still count how many bad talks you have had to sit through? Then make sure not to inflict the same suffering upon others – with our psychological guide to presentations. 


Optimism and pessimism – why both are good for you

2. May 2016 in
Optimism and pessimism

Do you sometimes worry that you are too negative? That things would work out better if you could just be more positive?

You are probably not the only one.


4 reasons why helping others is good for you

25. April 2016 in
helping others is good for you

Can humans really be selfless? There is still a lot of controversy over why we help others. Out of generosity? Or because we hope to get something in exchange? What has become pretty clear, however: Not only getting support but also giving support to others is good for you. Here are some benefits of being a samaritan. 


The psychological guide to salary negotiations

18. April 2016 in
salary negotiations

To many people salary negotiations are like root canal treatments: Necessary but highly unpleasant. This applies particularly to women whose reluctance for negotiations contributes to the gender gap.

There is no definite way to ace salary negotiations. There are too many variables that make them unpredictable. Nevertheless, psychology provides you with some insights that help you enter negotiations less anxious and leave them more successful.