Get to know the Delightex team: Ilya

22. January 2016 in
Header Delightex Team Ilya

At Delightex, people from different fields and countries work together. Today, we would like you to meet our Software Developer Ilya Yatsishin.

He answered some questions about himself using our visualization tool CoachingSpaces. As a Software Developer, he has the privilege of being able to create the object he was missing for this task (it is the bottle, if you are wondering). However, he seems to find it an even bigger privilege to work with so many women, blabbing on in a variety of languages. 


Welcome to the Delightex team, Elena!

4. December 2015 in
Delightex team_Elena

At Delightex, we have – among others – team members with British, Brazilian, Russian and Filipino roots. This month we welcomed someone new to our international team: Elena Renn.


Welcome to the Delightex team, mark!

20. November 2015 in

We do not only encourage others to grow, but also grow as a company ourselves. This month we welcomed Marco Reinhardt as graphic and motion designer to our team. One of his first creative tasks was to answer some questions about himself using our visualization tool CoachingSpaces.


Welcome to the team, Benjamin!

30. October 2015 in

This month we welcomed a new member to our Delightex team: front end developer Benjamin Singh. In order to get known to him a bit better, we asked him some questions he answered with the use of our visualization tool CoachingSpaces. You will see: He had a lot of fun with this task!


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20. October 2015 in
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.05.00

Our eyes can transmit around 10 million bits per second to the brain – allowing you to gather huge amounts of information within the blink of an eye.