We are a multi-cultural and multi-talented team!

7. August 2015 in

One of the best things about working in a Startup is the flexibility of moving from field to field and doing things we wouldn’t normally do inside our roles. Unlike in big, super structured companies, we change roles and have fun further developing our potential. For example, the Marketing Manager gets to do voiceovers for videos and our Psychology expert gets to edit them!


Super Bowls: Our Contribution to Waste Reduction

10. July 2015 in

For us self-development is more than striving for personal gain. It also involves taking responsibility for the consequences of one’s action in order to live in a better world. Since our office is in Germany – where waste is sorted according to different categories and even colors  - acting environmentally friendly is an important issue to us.


New reinforcement to the team

19. June 2015 in

Today we want to introduce our two new additions to the Delightex Family: Franz Neugebauer and Susanne Krause.


How Thomas uses CoachingSpaces: Visualizing the Team

10. June 2015 in

Delightex is a fast growing company, and in this subject we have to take care of more details than just hiring staff. For example, we have to communicate changes or new developments to everyone, as well. In the beginning, having only me as the designer, it was easier to oversee things. As the company grew bigger, the need for a clear overview of the company’s systems and structure also grew, especially for new members.


Happy Birthday, Delightex!

16. March 2015 in

This March our company turned 3 years old, and to celebrate the event the whole team went on a 4 day trip to the Austrian alps. There we spent some time snowshoeing, igloo building, and in the sauna.