Welcome to the team, Jamie!

16. February 2015 in
Welcome to the team, Jamie!

Up until now, the CoachingSpaces team consisted of Russian, German, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hungarian and Brazilian members. Today we are happy to announce yet another international addition to the team. Hey there Jamie!


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26. January 2015 in

At Delightex we try to put a strong effort into building a close relationships with all of our members. Our app is available in five languages, so now we’ve opened two more channels for you to receive updates in addition to this blog.


Welcome to the team, Marina!

13. January 2015 in
Welcome, Marina!

As the new year started off, we had the chance to welcome a new member to our Munich division. Marina, who has been working with our close partners of JetBrains before, joined our design team. She will be taking care of feature management, usability research and user testing. If you have questions or want to get in contact, please drop a line at marina.grechko at delightex dot com. Welcome, Marina!


Delightex goes “Wiesn”!

29. September 2014 in

As you might know, our Delightex headquarters is in Munich. And this city is known for its heritage and culture and a lot of citizens here take care of these. With our partner company JetBrains we spent a great time at Oktoberfest, the biggest folk festival in the world. Here you can see a few photos about our afternoon. In case you are in the area, make sure to pay a visit as well. It’s always a great fun!