You get what you see: Why visualization makes a difference in online coaching

13. July 2015 in
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“I will believe it when I see it”. Often used as a lapidary comment, this sentence is true in a much more profound way. The possibility to conceive things in thoughts or words has very few limitations. But often, what makes something real for us, is seeing it.


7 Reasons why we benefit from online coaching

8. July 2015 in
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We buy shoes, find partners, learn languages – all of this online. There is hardly any area of our lives the internet stops at. And why should it? It has the potential to make many things easier. Why not coaching as well?


A net to support

3. July 2015 in

Sometimes the task is big, but we feel very small. In those moments we should focus on one of our most important strengths: The network of people that can support us.


How to set up the perfect online coaching session

15. June 2015 in

So you now have a nice client who needs help and a cool tool to work with him online. What to do next to make sure your coaching session will be a success?

We have prepared a list with hints and tips to help you:


Remote Coaching

4. May 2015 in
Remote Coaching

How much does innovation impact and change our lives? According to TREND ONE, a German research and trend agency, one of the megatrends of the next decade is “HUMAN 2.0″: “Technical innovations already have a significant impact on the economy. But will they also have such an impact on us and on our bodies?” – Now what about our behavior? How will this whole development influence the world of coaching, consulting, or therapy?