The psychology of arguments (2): Get better at arguing

11. April 2016 in
better at arguing

In our last article we told you why it is so hard to argue in a constructive way. Today, we want to draw some conclusions that help you to be better prepared for the next argument.

But first, let’s look at the insights from our last article:


The psychology of arguments (1): Why fighting is so hard

5. April 2016 in
The psychology of arguments

Arguments – you could very well do without them. Right? Unfortunately, they are indispensable. Conflicts arise wherever people with different opinions, intentions or needs come together.

A study found that US employees spent nearly three hours of their weekly working time on dealing with conflicts. And the fighting doesn’t stop after leaving the office. Partnership and family cannot only be a safe haven but also a pretty explosive trouble spot. However, the secret of a long-lasting relationship is not to have few disagreements. It is being able to resolve conflicts in a constructive, respectful way.


The psychology behind FoMO: Why are you afraid of missing out?

23. March 2016 in
The psychology behind FoMO

You know it could be better, right? You could be having more fun, right now. You could have a better job. And more exciting plans for this evening.

If that leaves you cold, congratulations. If, however, you feel the urge to check job ads and your friend’s evening plans, you probably suffer from FoMO.


How to survive your work day when you’re tired

21. March 2016 in
How to survive your work day when you're tired

Some days feel like you should have stayed in bed. Maybe it was insomnia, your baby or that party that kept you awake. The result is the same: your bed seems the place to be. Still, you get up and drag yourself to work.

From a psychological point of view, it might have been the best decision to creep back under the blankets. A lack of sleep can quickly turn you into a kind of zombie. However, often life doesn’t care about what’s psychologically advisable. Most probably, you still have to go to work. So, let’s have a look at that zombie inside of you and find out how you can survive your work day when you’re tired. 


How to fake confidence in 7 steps

16. March 2016 in

On our last articles we explained a little about what is confidencehow to improve it and explained how self esteem and self efficacy are two complex concepts that can help you act and feel more confident in daily life.

But you might also be interested in a more immediate solution for an upcoming situation – maybe an important social gathering or job interview next week?

No problem, we organized a couple of tips to help you through it.