What is empathy?

16. November 2015 in
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Everyone talks about the importance of empathy. We, too, believe in its impact on society as well as your own well-being and success.

While most people agree that empathy is pretty great, however, they do not seem to be nearly as consentaneous about what it actually is. „There are probably nearly as many definitions of empathy as people working on the topic“, researchers Frederique de Vignemont and Tania Singer stated drily. For this reason, we would like to give you a small introduction: What is empathy, after all?


How to do big things with a small working memory

4. November 2015 in
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In our article “Why you remember dozens of commercial jingles and still forget to take the garbage out” we explained to you that your working memory is similar to a relatively poor random access memory on a computer and can juggle only around four items at a given time.


Why you remember dozens of commercial jingles and still forget to take the garbage out: The working memory explained

19. October 2015 in
Header Working Memory - pt. 1

Do you know this? You grabbed your smartphone because you wanted to check the weather forecast. Fifteen minutes later you have answered two messages, skimmed through an article, watched a cat video and gave out a dozen Facebook likes when it finally comes back to your mind: Wasn’t there something about checking the weather forecast?


ConsultingSpaces? Creative uses of digital tools in consulting

7. October 2015 in
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Digital media offers whole new possibilities for Coaching. We keep presenting you examples in this blog – using our platform CoachingSpaces. This tool, however, cannot only be used for coaching. Andrea Höddinghaus, director of the consultancy Agora Projectmanagement, explains how it can also enrich consulting.


The psychology behind checking your smartphone

5. October 2015 in

Have you ever watched an old film and thought someone was taking out their smartphone? Even though you know very well they had not yet been invented in the Fifties? The alleged smartphone probably turned out to be a pack of cigarettes upon a closer look. But this shows how used we have already gotten to the gesture of people checking their phones.