Perspective Wheel

23. September 2015 in
Perspective Wheel - Header

Choices are tough, especially the big ones. Have I really thought that through? Will I regret this later? But what if…? Decisions with far-reaching consequences make our minds buzz with questions like a bee-hive.

We do not have a tool to make decisions for you. But today, we want to present you an exercise with CoachingSpaces for iPad that offers some orientation for difficult decisions.


How to create a Coaching Map with CoachingSpaces

16. September 2015 in
Coaching Map Header

Before sat navs made them obsolete, maps gave orientation. This exercise shows that they can do more than just show you the way from A to B: Creating a map for your life helps you to figure out what you dedicate most time and space to – and how you might want to change that.


Real or digital constellations?

9. September 2015 in
Header - real and digital constellations

Digital constellations? With digital people? Some people are skeptical how that should work. We are convinced that it does. We do not claim that digital constellation function exactly the same way as they do in a real environment. Just that each methods has its own pros and cons that makes them each suitable for different situations.


There is a lot of space in your head – Why we use spatial metaphors

7. September 2015 in
spatial metaphors header

We, at Delightex, believe that coaching and self-development should be three-dimensional – even when it takes place in the digital world. Why? Because science suggests that we do not only talk but also think in spatial metaphors.


Why Coaching With Digital Media is Going to be Big

24. August 2015 in
Coaching with digital media - header

Avatars in 3D worlds, Skype sessions, visual or text based tools: there are numerous possibilities for coaching with digital media. But is it needed at all? And does it work?