Join our Empathy Challenge!

3. February 2016 in

After we emptied all those ice buckets over our heads – doesn’t the world of challenges need a bit more warmth?

Therefore, we created a challenge that is all about understanding and compassion. Dedicate a whole month to empathy: Throughout March, you will get an email with interesting information about the topic and a small exercise each week. Learn more about changing perspective, listening empathically or recognizing emotions on faces. It will not take you more than twenty minutes a week to make a small step towards a more empathic world.


Experiments with VR coaching: Step into your inner worlds

9. December 2015 in
Header - experiments with VR coaching

The young woman with the VR headset is looking around eagerly. “A rock star”, she says. “He always wanted to be a rock star.”


Explore your Energy Circuit

2. December 2015 in

It  is as simple as that: You cannot spend more energy than you have. There are, however, more than enough people who try anyway. You do not want to be one of them? Then we recommend you our exercise, the Energy Circuit. With this, you are going to collect important areas of your life and visualize how much energy each of them gives or takes.


3D online avatars for remote constellations?

11. November 2015 in
Header remote constellations

There are many signs of constellation work coming of age throughout the world. Here’s one that you may not have noticed. It’s the existence of two pieces of software that allow facilitators to do remote constellations in an online, shared image space.


Make yourself visible as a coach!


Coaches help people face their challenges. But they also face some challenges themselves. One of them is: How can I reach the people who need my help?