User Stories: Bernd Heiler

19. August 2015 in

Today we present you Bernd Heiler, a German therapist who works with coaching, psychotherapy and Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. See what he has to say on the use of CoachingSpaces!


CoachingSpaces mobile: What will you get?

17. August 2015 in

Men, women and pyramids – that is it.

We are not talking about ancient Egypt here – but about the objects the new CoachingSpaces mobile app will always offer you free of charge.  In that version, you can populate the stage with an army of men and women and as many pyramids as you want. Also, you can change their size, elevation and color, shove them around the stage as much as you want and assign them postures.


Self Improvement – We are writing an e-book for you (at first, in German only!)

13. August 2015 in

You want to grow, develop your full potential? We would like to help you with that –  with an e-book. And you can tell us what we should write about! But please note that the first version is only going to be in German!


CoachingSpaces’s New feature: Multi Selection!

10. August 2015 in
Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 13.35.43

You have placed a person on a chair and now want to move them all together?


Are you an online coach? We would love to hear about your experience!

22. July 2015 in

We all know how effective the whole coaching process is and how the traditional coaching session works, but a lot of people are still very skeptical about online coaching. As a professional working in the field, you must feel this in your daily life.