It is Meetup week!

27. October 2015 in
Self-Improvement Meetup Munich

This is Meetup week again, have you noticed?

On Wednesday, coach Géraldine Allex-Reisigl will bring all her background in business administration, sales, NLP, Kinesiology and EFT to teach us “How to free the mind from negative emotions and lower stress using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)”.


Get rid of stress – with our Self-Improvement Meetup

23. October 2015 in

The stress is killing you? Then you should consider a quote by the stress researcher Hans Selye: “It’s not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.” So what is your reaction? Are you going to let stress be your killer? Or are you going to do something about it?


Our workshop about digital coaching is coming to Zurich

22. October 2015 in

Have you ever imagined how helpful it could be to have more flexibility in your coaching business? Being able to work from anywhere or making urgent sessions with clients who are on business trips and in need of your help?

This is exactly the scenario we had in mind when we decided to organize the “Den Coachingraum immer und überall mit dabei” workshop, coming to Zurich next month! You still have time to register.


Coaching. Visuell. Modern. Den Coachingraum immer und überall mit dabei.

15. October 2015 in

Are you a coach living in the Vienna area and want to learn more about how to incorporate modern technologies into your practice?


We are now 500!

12. October 2015 in

As a company, we seek to promote self-improvement.

It doesn’t matter in which area of your life – personality, career, sports, etc. – or how you plan on getting there. If you have the dream of improving in some aspect and want to take action to achieve this future better version of yourself, we want to be there to assist you. This idea is what drives us.