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Come join us one last time in 2015 for the Self-Improvement Meetup Munich!

17. November 2015 in

The end of the year is approaching very fast and we are preparing ourselves to wrap up 2015 with the last Meetup of the season.

By beginning of December we will bring you alternative practitioner for psychotherapy and integral coach Bernd Heiler about “Fostering self-regulation and self-efficacy with Biofeedback”.

His experience in the subject began nearly 20 years ago, when working in an international software company and then getting further qualifications in the field of psychology.

The Biofeedback subject to be presented in the workshop is a method that makes psychophysiologic processes visible with the help of technology and enables people to become aware of what is going on in their bodies by making a connection between mental processes and bodily mechanisms.

He will show us how to foster self-regulation and self-efficacy by paying special attention to heart rate variability (HRV), which is applied in modern stress management and the current stress medicine. Bernd Heiler will also present the Sound of Soul, a method that converts the HRV into music and color in real time. Sound of Soul is, for example, used for body regeneration and relaxation by therapists from all over the world.

If you are one of the lucky German speaking viewers, you can check out this video as a preview of the event:

You can join the event either at the Meetup Group or on Facebook.

So set the date on your calendars: On December 9th we will be looking forward to meeting you all there!



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