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InsightOut: insights & outlooks after visiting the Web Summit in Dublin

12. November 2015 in

42,000 attendees from 134 countries, 2,100 startups, 1,000 speakers – last week we joined the anthill of the Web Summit in Dublin, a conference where the next big thing in technology is never far away (the catering is, though).

For us it was the perfect opportunity to start presenting our newest project to the public: InsightOut. After having created a platform that helps coaches help their clients, we now want to use our learnings and technology to directly support people who are interested in their personal growth – no matter if they want to work with a coach or not. In short: We want to support you.

The app will guide you through exercises that help you to understand yourself better, master challenges and grow as a person.

The interest in our product at the Web Summit showed us that most people find they still have room for improvement and growth. With our new beta-testers we found in Dublin we can now start with some fine-tuning, before we will present you our new app.

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We will soon tell you more in our blog, so stay tuned!




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Susanne Krause

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