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Join our Empathy Challenge!

3. February 2016 in

After we emptied all those ice buckets over our heads – doesn’t the world of challenges need a bit more warmth?

Therefore, we created a challenge that is all about understanding and compassion. Dedicate a whole month to empathy: Throughout March, you will get an email with interesting information about the topic and a small exercise each week. Learn more about changing perspective, listening empathically or recognizing emotions on faces. It will not take you more than twenty minutes a week to make a small step towards a more empathic world.

Challenge accepted? Then write an email to empathy@delightex.com. Let’s pour some buckets full of empathy!



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Susanne Krause

About the Author

Susanne Krause
Researcher and author. As a graduate of psychology and philosophy as well as an experienced journalist, she knows not only where to find the information but also how to put it into words best.

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