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Make yourself visible as a coach!

11. November 2015 in

Coaches help people face their challenges. But they also face some challenges themselves. One of them is: How can I reach the people who need my help?

To assist coaches with that, Christina Emmer, founder of The Coach Net, organized the Visibility Challenge. The coaches who participated spent three weeks learning about how they could get more visible to clients – for example through cooperation or their personal style. The different experts gave them a task to complete each day. In the corresponding Facebook group participants shared outcomes and insights.

One of the experts was Delightex’s Head of Marketing Manuela Müller, speaking about getting visible in the virtual room.

Usually we use the internet to present ourselves to others. The coaches, however, had to fulfil a quite opposite task: Using the platform CoachingSpaces, they were supposed to set up visualizations of their inner strengths for a very special person: themselves. Making what they have to offer visible, should help them to find the right way to address their customers.

We were thrilled about the different Profiles of Strength which originated from this task. Some stages burst with colors and symbols, others used a sober picture language or worked with words more. They showed how much fun the coaches had using the tool and how creative they were.

Seems like some challenges coaches are facing can be a lot of fun!




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