Get more confidence – psychological tips for wallflowers

14. March 2016 in
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A little less doubt, a little more action? If that is what you’re looking for in yourself, you should work on your confidence. This text will provide you with science-based tips on how to get there.

In our last article, we tried to better understand what confidence is. We found that, from a psychological point of view, it has two main aspects. These are:

  • Self-esteem is the worth people see in themselves. Science has found that it is very clearly linked to happiness and slightly correlates with job performance. However, there is no proof yet that self-esteem causes happiness and job performance.
  • Self-efficacy is the belief that you’re able to reach certain goals. Research shows that more self-efficacy lets people set and reach higher goals and perform better in different areas of their life.

Now, it is time to tackle the essential: How can you get more confidence?


What is confidence – and what is it for? A psychological approach

7. March 2016 in
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Confidence is a strange thing. When Jodie Foster won an Oscar, she feared she would have to give it back. That someone would uncover her as a fraud who tricked people into believing she was a movie star.

She’s not the only person (and not the only celebrity either!) whose confidence never lived up to their talents. At the same time, there are people whose confidence seems to be their only real talent. And still, it can get them a long way.

No wonder many people want to increase their confidence. However, before we look into that in our next article, let’s dedicate some time to a very basic question. What is confidence? And what is it for?


How to improve a bad day in 7 steps

2. March 2016 in

We’ve all been there: you wake up feeling rested, the sun is shining and you put on your favorite outfit. But before you get the chance to drink your first cup of coffee and spread happiness around, problems start popping up in your mind like flowers in Springtime.

Before you realize it, your good mood is gone and you are stuck in a negative mindset.


Why you love unhealthy food

29. February 2016 in

Why can’t cake be healthy? Or broccoli more yummy? There is a painful gap between the treats you are craving for and that rabbit food your doctor wants you to call ‘dinner’.

It makes you wonder: What went wrong with nature? How did it spawn an advanced species that loves exactly the kind of food that is bad for its organism? These are justified questions. Evolution will give some answers.


How can money buy happiness?

22. February 2016 in
can money buy happiness

In December 2012, a Spanish village won the lottery. 128 million Euros were distributed between the 250 inhabitants. Except for Costis – the one guy without a lottery ticket.

It is clear: Costis is definitely the unlucky one in this story. But will he also turn out the unhappy one?