What-the-hell effect? Why your New Year’s resolutions might already be history

15. February 2016 in
What the hell effect header

The following scenario might seem somewhat familiar to you. After your partner, your doctor and even your Mom started commenting on your love handles, you took a New Year’s Resolution: Cut the sweets. It went okay for most of January and you started to feel somewhat proud. There were even first moments of success when you stepped on your scale.

And then you had this cookie. It was just one cookie. But afterwards you thought “What the hell!”. The fateful cookie had ruined your plan anyway. So you had the rest of the package. And some leftover cake. And two chocolate bars – just to silence your guilt.

What happened? Actually, just a pretty normal psychological phenomenon. One that you can avoid once you know more about it: The what-the-hell effect.


Why celebrating Valentine’s Day is good for you – even if you don’t believe in it

10. February 2016 in
Why celebrating Valentine's Day is good for you

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. When it comes to its celebration, some like to buy their partners a gift and spend a romantic evening together while others don’t bother with the occasion at all.

We believe such a date can be a great opportunity to improve your relationship. And here is why.


The psychology of dressing up

8. February 2016 in
Header: psychology of dressing up

Always be yourself, they say. Well, some people obviously do not know how much fun it is to be someone else! From early childhood on, we love to wear costumes: Leaving behind our everyday life in order to be a cowboy, princess or tiger. For many adults, dressing up is as fascinating as ever. But why? We had a look at the psychology of dressing up. 


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Join our Empathy Challenge!

3. February 2016 in

After we emptied all those ice buckets over our heads – doesn’t the world of challenges need a bit more warmth?

Therefore, we created a challenge that is all about understanding and compassion. Dedicate a whole month to empathy: Throughout March, you will get an email with interesting information about the topic and a small exercise each week. Learn more about changing perspective, listening empathically or recognizing emotions on faces. It will not take you more than twenty minutes a week to make a small step towards a more empathic world.