3 things you probably didn’t know about your unconscious

1. February 2016 in

Your unconscious mind has one essential feature: You do not know much about it. In fact, this is pretty much its definition: Your unconscious is the sum of all the mental actions you do automatically, without being aware of it. In that sense it might come across as creepy – something obscure, hidden deep inside of you, that takes control. In this article we’ll acquaint you with that mysterious force and show you that your unconscious is a lot of things: efficient, old and somewhat intelligent.


The benefits of cat videos, swearing and procrastination – psychological advice you will like!

25. January 2016 in
header - psychological advice you will like

Do you sometimes get tired of good advice? Of all those things that ought to make your life better, but unfortunately require you to get off the couch? Or even worse: Change your mindset?

Good news: We have created a list of easy-to-follow psychological advice you will definitely like!

Learn how gaming, procrastination, cat videos, negative thinking and swearing – all super couch-compatible pastimes – can actually be good for you.


Get to know the Delightex team: Ilya

22. January 2016 in
Header Delightex Team Ilya

At Delightex, people from different fields and countries work together. Today, we would like you to meet our Software Developer Ilya Yatsishin.

He answered some questions about himself using our visualization tool CoachingSpaces. As a Software Developer, he has the privilege of being able to create the object he was missing for this task (it is the bottle, if you are wondering). However, he seems to find it an even bigger privilege to work with so many women, blabbing on in a variety of languages. 


What your body tells you about yourself – An insight into Biofeedback

21. January 2016 in
Header Biofeedback

Our guest blogger Bernd Heiler is a therapist and coach specialized in stress related disorders and psychosomatic problems. In his article, he tells you how you can benefit from learning more about the signals of your body. Biofeedback – a method that combines psychology and technology – can help to cope with stress, increase well-being and boost performance. If you want to start smaller than arranging your first Biofeedback session, you will also find two small exercises you can try right away.


How to stop procrastinating – 9 tips that could finally make you clean out your basement

20. January 2016 in
Header -How to stop procrastinating

Admit it: There is something else you should be doing right now. But maybe you can put that off a little longer and benefit from our tips on how to stop procrastinating.