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We are pushing free!

11. September 2015 in
pf video

One of the greatest things about working for Delightex? You can play around with your smartphone in meetings without being told off – thanks to PushFree.

We not only design and sell our tools, we also use them ourselves – and not only in meetings! At the office, you might spot a designer using PushFree for a short break in order to activate new resources for creativity. Or we are in the kitchen, showing each other new pushing patterns over lunch.

You want a glimpse of that? Then take a look at the video we made about how we use PushFree!


Now that you have seen us: How do you use PushFree? We would love to hear about it!



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Susanne Krause

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Susanne Krause
Researcher and author. As a graduate of psychology and philosophy as well as an experienced journalist, she knows not only where to find the information but also how to put it into words best.

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