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Search by URL?

25. September 2015 in

If not the creators of CoachingSpaces, who will give you the best hints on how to better use the app?

Today we explain how to make a better use of the image search feature. Did you know that it is also possible to add your own specific search, instead of just counting on chance to bring you the results you want?

We explain it better: When objects in our library don’t represent exactly what you want to add to the stage, you go straight to the “search image” function. When this search also does not bring you the result you had in mind, but you know a page with that perfect image, then you can use the image search by URL!

This video shows you how to do it.


So if you have a specific image you usually use as a coach – image, map, workflow, etc. -, or just want to add to the stage this perfect image you found on some webpage, go to the search, and paste the URL!

Quick and easy, delivering the results to the perfect coaching session!



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Natasha Carvalho

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