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Taking a step further with the Self-Improvement Meetup Munich community

13. November 2015 in
Banner Self-Improvement Meetup Munich Facebook Group

We are already more than 500 members at the meetup.com community. With the growing interest and participation of everyone in the events, we decided to take a step further in this movement.There are so many people interested in developing themselves out there, and we are so excited to support this process, that we thought it would make sense to expand the self-development community to a bigger audience. This is why we created a new Facebook group.

With the same name as the meetup.com group, Self-Improvement Meetup Munich, we will share information about upcoming events and subtitled videos from past events  - to German, Spanish and Portuguese – , apart from interesting articles with tips on how to get closer to your goals.

The idea is to expand the Meetup events to the digital space. Instead of only sharing experiences and insights during the snack break, we can now do it any time from any place. Not to mention the people who could not make it to the actual event are now included.

So join the group, share it with your friends and let us grow this community of people looking for a better and happier tomorrow!



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Natasha Carvalho

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