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Video Tutorial #1: At a German Hospital

24. July 2014 in
Video Tutorials @ CoachingSpaces

How can I collaborate with my client to create a business constellation online? It‘s easier than you think. This real life example tells Markus’s story. He works as a chief physician at a hospital in Germany. With the help of his coach and the online platform CoachingSpaces, he managed to solve a conflict with his colleagues from the comfort of his own home. This video demonstrates how the conflict was visualised step-by-step and shows how a solution was possible.

(Subtitles in Spanish and Portuguese can be activated by the “Subtitles/CC” option on the bottom right corner of the video, then selecting the language on the next button.)



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Thomas Bauer

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Thomas Bauer
User Experience Prototyper and responsible for concepting and testing the look, feel and usability of CoachingSpaces. Tom has been in deep contact with the digital world since he first was able to hold a mouse. Hence his big mission is to lower the barriers between the two sides of the screen – may the physical and the digital world become one already!

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